Antonio Greer
I must start off by apologizing to all for the delay since my last blog, with the last month being so manic both at work and at home I have simply not had the time. This last month has been particularly testing for me and I have, more than ever, realised the importance of family and the support they give you in times of difficulty. Family is priceless as you can go weeks, months or even years without needing your family for anything however, whenever it is they are needed they are there for you no questions asked. This blog is probably a week too late as I should have written this on mothers day but hey, better late than never.

I would like to share how proud I am of my mother and in particular what she has just done in her company with only passion, determination and just plain stubbornness! As we all know there has been devastation across the world and every now and then you get disasters that make us all feel bad for a while before a story about some footballer and his wife or Jordan/Katie Price (whatever) gets all the tabloids and we all forget. My mum however, really had her heart strings pulled by the recent disaster in Haiti, and spent many conversations on the phone with me talking in particular about the children who have suffered. She was disappointed and upset especially after discovering that the multi million pound company she works for (unable to name), had not intended to do anything in terms of trying to help. This was something she challenged and pushed as high as she could, arranging meetings and sending letters to those with the power to influence. She risked her own career within the company as she did not exactly receive any real support from those above and round her. In the end she received enough support that they were able to arrange a company wide day of raising money that went to the Haiti Fund.

Well done mum.
22/3/2010 09:37:03 pm

The world needs more people like your Mum. People who will stand up for what they believe is right. Who will set a goal and strive for that removing barriers as they do. And people who set a great example for their own children and the sons and daughters of others!

Thank you for sharing, Antonio. Having met you I would really like to meet your Mum!!

Antonio Greer
22/3/2010 10:02:07 pm

Thanks J,

I think you and my mum would get on very well!

I would encourage all to follow Jackie, she has certainly had a positive influence on my career!


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