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 I was inspired the other day after reading a blog by Jackie Cameron - What do you want to be when you grow up? It really got me thinking about my journey to my current role and how I even got in to marketing. My first real memory of having a career in mind of what I would call a proper job (excluding a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle or a WWE Wrestler) was a sports physiotherapist. The thought now makes me shudder when I imagne the years and years of study involved!!!!...No thanks!

It was scary to think that when I started University I did not have a clue what I wanted to do, up until that point I did not envisage myself in any role full time. As a Rugby player all I had ever done was sport and it seemed natural to do a degree involving Sport and Business. Looking back now, I think I was quite lucky as quite a large part of my course involved marketing and events and very quickly these became the two areas I started really taking notice of.

I remember we had a guest lecturer (weirdly enough on a financial budgeting module) that had his own business. He used to tell me wonderful stories about the head office at Disney as he had been there a few times with his own company. This along with my longstanding love for Disney (going back to my childhood) shaped what I, to this day still have as my dream job. This has been tweaked and modified since then but at that stage all I had was visions of me planning events and campaigns and watching them come to fruition.

I now prefer to think I have goals rather than dreams which I aim for however, I must admit that does still linger in the back of my mind as something, if given the chance, I would not hesitate to do. Having my own campaigns and projects in a marketing agency, leading my own team on projects and owning my own marketing agency are all aims that have a lot more focus than my dream. I would at this point though like to thank Jackie for her post as it definately brought a smile to my face thinking about my dream. Who knows maybe one day!

If you have a dream you can remember from your childhood please share I would love to hear them.

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