Antonio Greer
When I was at university, group work was something I used to both love and hate. As a creative person, I loved the fact it often meant huge projects in which I would be given the freedom to express myself and my talents. However, as a proactive person, I used to hate the fact that I would have to rely on others that do not work at the same pace as me. I could not understand why people would not complete tasks or meet deadlines however, I see that this was in fact perfect training for full time work.

I used to see it as unfair as people who did not complete tasks on time and continuously let me down on deadlines were costing me marks on my work. What I failed to see at the time was that these same people also go in to work alongside you and in companies you have to work with. Everyone has a role which is a cog in the overall wheel of the company. Within these roles, deadlines are set and ignoring this is both neglectful and selfish as this has a huge impact on everybody in the company.

At first I thought this was an experience that only I received and was unique however, after speaking to various people and having a few different roles I see that this seems to be something many people have experienced. If you are one of those people that are being let down by people at work, please know there are others that feel your pain...If you are one of those that let people down, after reading this hopefully you will be more aware that what you do has a knock on effect and will complete tasks when required.
6/5/2010 06:04:30 am

I can completely relate to this but it's not just at work. I find this to be the case in all facets of life home, work, social, community. I think that I am learning that I am just a very driven person (in my own way) and that what I expect should be the norm, bare minimum, common sense, general understanding really isn't. I am learning to adjust my expectations appropriately and plan accordingly. That's really all I can do if I want to keep my sanity intact and have some friends left to boot :) Keep on keeping're a great example to others!



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