Antonio Greer
I have spent a large part of the last week trying to decide what in life defines a person? Is it how successful you become? Or how far you go in life compared to where you started? Is it academic or personal achievements? Is it the family we have? Albert Camus said that "life is a sum of all your choices" thus suggesting that the process does not finish until we die. Despite maybe being slightly morbid I was left with the question what would I want people to remember me for when I die?

I do not believe there is an answer to this question as I think no one thing should define anyone. Whilst we all have central aspects to our lives, we should all have many different things that shape us. I would like to be remembered by different people for different reasons. I hope I will one day be remembered as a good friend, team mate, employee, colleague and hopefully one day boss. I would want my family to be proud of me and be considered (one day!) a good husband and father.

If you think about how you would like to be remembered, what is it you would like those you have come into contact with to say about you?

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