Antonio Greer
As of September 2010 I will travelling the world for a year and no longer updating this website. To follow my journey or to get in contact please either email me or go to my other website.

Welcome to my website...

In the modern world, networking is vital and I have decied to move with the times and have a presence online as I move through the next chapter in my life, after graduating from University in 2009.

This website will track me as I move through my life, both personal and professional, highlighting accomplishments along the way and displaying a continually updated Curriculum Vitae.

I will be blogging about various issues I come across in the next stage in my life as well as posting blogs I find interesting and wish to discuss.

If you would like to find out more about me, have any questions or would like to give me feedback on my website or blogs, I would love to hear from you.