If your do social media...do it right! - Antonio Greer
Antonio Greer
Social media is a powerful tool, frequently becoming more used, by most companies, than any other form of advertising. The danger is however, that now people and companies are getting involved in things they do not understand. The labour party in Linlithgow and East Falkirk are one of many recent examples of organisations not fully understanding how things work before getting involved and trying to seem "cool". Apart from having a web address that was way to long, they have a hotmail account for an organisation and also do not actually send you to there twitter page but your own! If you are determined to be seen as an organisation that is current and moving with the times then hire people who are current and are growing up in these "times"! people who understand the way things work and what people want online.

Examples of this can be seen on twitter everday and, although it seems incerdible, even some marketing and pr agencies do not know how to use social media. I do agree that if you have nothing worth saying then status updates every five minutes quickly becomes boring and are a waste of time. I would question however, any company who does not have some sort of interesting and new news every few days or at the least weekly. I would not want to use any company who, give the impression (through having social media) of being active and relevant, but are actually unable to use this properly.

Has anyone got any stories of social media gone wrong. if so please share them with the world.

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